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Sodium Feldspar

Sodium Feldspar

Sodium Felspar comprises of  a complex series of aluminosilicates with varying amounts of potassium, sodium and, calcium. We are a leading supplier of sodium felspar (Na2O.Al2O3 .6SiO2 ). We are supplying Sodium felspar occurring in various grades and mesh sizes.
Uses :

  • Sodium feldspar is highly used due to the alumina content and the minerals ability to act as a flux.The alumina content of sodium feldspar is over 19%; this enhances the impact and thermal shock resistance
  • Furthermore Sodium feldspar can be used in paints, plastics, ceramic flooring, fritz and glazes.is used traditionally as a main source of alumina and alkali in ceramic and glass industries which account for more than 90% of its consumption. It also finds use as functional filler in paint, plastic, rubber and adhesive; as a binding agent in abrasives; and in the manufacture of artificial teeth, fertilizer and white cement.
  • In Ceramic Industry, Sodium feldspar is used as fluxing agent which facilitates softening, melting and wetting of batch constituents. The flux controls the degree of vitrification of the ceramic body during firing.
  • For Glass Industry, the alkali content in felspar acts as a flux, which not only facilitates lowering the glass batch melting temperature but also cuts production cost.
  • In the Abrasive Industry, plagioclase felspar is used as a mild abrasive material in scouring powders because of its semi-conchoidal fracture and its hardness which is 6 on Mohs' scale.
  • In Refractory Industry, felspar is used as one of the batch constituents in the manufacture of acidproof refractories.
  • In Welding Electrode Industry, felspar is used as a flux which acts as an arc stabiliser and helps to protect the molten metal from aerial oxidation.
  • Selectively picked and cleaned White Firing High Grade Sodium Feldspar Typically used in Frits, Ceramic Glazes, Sanitaryware, Tablewawre, White Glass, TV Tubes etc. The mineral can be supplied in all the forms (Powder, Grain and Lumps) and mesh sizes as per customer’s requirement.



Type Industrial Minerals
Packaging Size 50kg
Purity 100.00%
Moisture ≤0.4%
Fe2 O3 % 0.12-0.2.%
SiO2 % 66% - 69%
Al2O3 % 16% to 19%
Chemical Formula KAlSi3O8 - NaAlSi3O8 - CaAl2Si2O8

  • Potash Feldspar LC

  • Potash Feldspar Lumps

  • Potash Feldspar Lumps